CTA Trading Skills

We are a team of investment professionals with a diversified set of CTA trading skills and competences relating to different aspects of the currency markets. Our dedication in providing a premium services to both institutions and individuals seeking that vital edge is paramount.

Our skills can be used to manage the challenges faced by FX brokers in gaining prominence in the marketplace. Through our CTA trading skills we can create tailored trading strategies that attract new clients, or deepen liquidity sources for greater efficiency using our internal network.


CTA Trading Skills, Mikkel ThorupMikkel Thorup, Director
Head of Global Strategies

I am a progressive investment professional with a blend of experience in working with top tier level banks, as well as managing the investment aspects of an independent trading and advisory firm.  Throughout my career as an investment advisor I have developed a consistent track record of risk adjusted returns, by drawing upon my skills and expertise in managing and trading both currency and interest rate risk.

As a 20 year veteran of the foreign exchange markets, I am skilled in developing currency trading strategies for the sophisticated investors that allocate within this alternative investment space.  I actively manage alpha driven portfolios of G10 currencies, as well as a number of other complex hedging programs and strategies.  On an advisory basis to external investment funds, I provide fundamental currency analysis that is evaluated to a high degree of technical analysis.  I am a registered investment advisor with the Danish Financial Services Authorities.


CTA Trading Skills, Mike RasmussenMike Rasmussen, Director
Head of Operations

Over the past 10 years I have developed my career within the financial services industry, building an investment advisory firm with product offerings tailored towards institutional and HNWI clients.  From my role as Chief Operating Officer for Capricorn Currency Management, a currency only CTA, I am responsible over a broad scope of duties including; administration, compliance, trade reconciliation and product marketing.

Throughout my professional career I have managed numerous assignments which required cooperating with a variety of individuals and professional relationships.  This has given me the skills and experience in managing and communicating with others on projects that require updates and completion to specific deadlines.  As a person I am organized and task orientated, with the ability to develop new ideas as well as taking the initiative.  I have a graduate degree in Business Studies with a major in Economics and Forecasting.

Our History in Currency Advisory

As a successful proprietary trader for Smith Barney in Geneva, Mikkel decided to further his ambitions by establishing a CTA firm in 1998. A year later he founded Capricorn with the mission to provide discretionary trading strategies to a select number of HNW clients, however after operating as a one-man CTA for two years AUM was stagnating despite the impressive annualised returns generated by the currency programs.

Thereafter, deciding to market to institutional clients, Mikkel formed Capricorn Asset Management (Schweiz) AG under Swiss regulation in 2001 bringing onboard a Director to manage the legal requirements of the new entity. During this period Mike was initially hired as a consultant for Capricorn before joining as COO and Partner in 2004, when the team was further expanded with a second trader.

Within the next 10 year Capricorn was managing on behalf of institutional and HNW clients, assets of over $250 million across a range of investment currency-only strategies. The firm’s main operations was then re-located to Copenhagen, under the supervision of the Danish Financial Authorities whilst maintaining two global satellite offices.

Since 2014 Capricorn has been run as a specialist advisory firm for a select number of clients seeking expertise within the currency trading environment.

Generating returns from the FX Markets

The foreign exchange market is a large, liquid, and unique global marketplace with a wide variety of participants. In fact, this is one of the most liquid financial markets in the world with average daily turnover of approximately $3 trillion. While the currency market is vast and diverse, it is also inefficient. In this context, profit-seeking investors and traders may be in a unique position to exploit inefficiencies in the market.


Our Discretionary Approach

From our years of experience seeking pure alpha and trading the currency markets, our CTA trading skills have taught us that portfolio diversification is achievable trading the G10 currencies. Our expertise in analysing real-time data to develop a market hypothesis is developed over years of experience, and this sound judgement gives us a key advantage over a broad analysis of the markets using only charts.

Discretionary Approach

By following a disciplined approach to trading that adheres
to a strict risk management process, over time investors
will benefit from enhanced portfolio returns.


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