CTA Advisory Services

Expertise in CTA Trading:

  1. Managed CTA Advisory Services
  2. Portfolio Construction Services
  3. Sourcing External Managers
  4. Currency Hedging Solutions
  5. Trading Signal Generation
  6. FX Brokerage Advisory
  7. Analytical Research

With an increasing number of brokers, traders and investment opportunities, the advisory services within the CTA market space will continue to produce to introduce unique strategies and investment opportunities.

The marketplace is vast and deep enough for skilled managers to develop a premium CTA Trading Strategy, and technologically advanced brokers for facilitate trading strategies that truly add value.

An Alpha Generating CTA Strategy

To generate the sought after performance gains, our CTA advisory services meet two basic needs. Firstly, by investing in a CTA strategy as an addition to your existing portfolio, you can increase the yield of short- to medium-term positions. Secondly, currency positions that have arisen as a result of purchasing foreign stocks, for example, can be hedged using a currency based investment solution.

Adding foreign exchange investments to your portfolio
increases its diversification and may decrease risk,
due to their low correlation with the stock markets.

Utilising our CTA Advisory Services

Identify the Trading Strategy By:

    1. Idea Generation
    2. Investment Approach
    3. Trade Execution
    4. Diversification Factor
    5. Relative Performance
    6. Risk Contribution

Individual investment portfolios are constructed after the specific needs of our clients. As a ‘best-of-breed’ CTA recognised by HedgeWeek, we use our skills to construct portfolios that are designed to efficiently shift assets between strategies that perform stronger in certain market conditions.

Our CTA advisory methodology is engineered to contribute to improving diversification without significantly lowering return expectations.

CTA Advisory Services for Strategy Building

Active Investment Strategies:
When constructing a portfolio the first stage of the investment advisory process is to identify and categorise each trading strategy by their approach and execution method. The core strategies are selected by their ability to generate stable risk adjusted returns under various market conditions, with the satellite strategies adding to the alpha contribution at a controlled level of risk.

Sourcing External Managers

To be able to build successful investment strategies, Capricorn strives to access only a clearly defined CTA Strategy and therefore manager selection is one of the most important aspects of our process for seeking alpha. Particular attention is drawn to the correlation to equity indices under various market conditions.

The selection of each external manager is on the basis of a variety of quantitative and qualitative criteria, including;

  1. Long-term positive returns on capital invested
  2. Positive risk-adjusted performance measures
  3. Strategy alignment to the portfolio’s objective
  4. Favourable correlation with other strategies
  5. Proven track record and risk management capability


CTA Advisory

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