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Capricorn Advisory Interview

Interview with Mikkel Thorup, CIO and Founding Partner of Capricorn Advisory

What is your name and position in the company?

Mikkel Thorup, CIO and Founding Partner

What is your professional background?

I am an investment professional with more than 15 years experience in the financial markets. My career began in a Danish financial institution, before I advanced to more established institutions such as Smith Barney and Credit Suisse in Switzerland. In 1998 I formed the Capricorn Group, and Capricorn Asset Management AG, Zurich in 2001. I am presently active with both firms as Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner. My responsibilities covers the overall trading philosophy of the Capricorn products, implementation of future investment products and I am the primary trader for the Capricorn managed programs.

How did your firm come about, get started?

As a proprietary trader for Smith Barney in Geneva during 1998, I found the backing from two clients to establish Capricorn. In the same year Capricorn Advisory Management Ltd. was founded with combined assets under management totaling US$ 1.85M. The Capricorn fxST (Growth) and (Aggressive) programs were traded with an initial amount of US$ 0.35M, and Capricorn Financials program (that is no longer traded) was seeded with US$ 1M. In addition to the three investment vehicles, a further US$ 0.5M was invested in Capital Guaranteed Products.

Could you please describe the solutions your company offers for the Forex market?

Capricorn Advisory is an established currency manager with more than 50 years of experience within the investment advisory arena, currently advising over US$250 million in client assets. Since 1999 Capricorn has produced superior risk adjusted returns in its ‘pure alpha’ strategies managing approximately US$75 million, trading high liquid currencies as managed accounts and offshore funds for Individual and Institutional clients.

Who is your targeted audience?

Capricorn Advisory serves a global client base that includes; Banks, Asset Allocators, Institutions, Investment Funds and High Net Worth Individuals.

What are the main advantages you have over your competitors?

Our competitive advantage comes from being disciplined and specialized.

What are your perspectives for future growth?

In light of the fact that the global economy is experiencing its worst recession in since the Great Depression, our perspective for 2010 regarding future growth is optimistic. The Capricorn products have performed well in this challenging environment, and this has not gone unnoticed by the industry. By maintaining a strict trading discipline and robust risk management controls, we believe that opportunities continue to exist in the changing currency environment.

Which tool/ piece of software do you believe is most important for a trader?

As a technical trader, I believe that a charting program with analytical tools such as Bloomberg or Trade Station is the most important software for a trader.

What is your favorite technical indicator?

I favor moving averages, as I believe that it can lead to a strong indication of future movements in the markets.

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